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First Christian began as part of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.  This denomination was founded in the 1800's as part of the Restoration Movement.  At a time when people were moving to a new land while facing cultural, geographical, cultural, and language barriers communities found it very difficult to gather together for worship.  Fleeing the factionalism created by formal creeds and confessions, from its inception, the Disciples of Christ has been "a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world."


In 2020, First Christian Church of Cuyahoga Falls became dually affiliated with the United Church of Christ. While the United Church of Christ is a somewhat younger denomination, (officially recognized in 1957) their roots are deeply planted in the history of the protestant church in America. The UCC and DOC creeds are similar in scope and practice. At the United Church of Christ we believe all are welcome and united by God’s love. For The United Church of Christ, Justice and Jesus are inseparable. Our daily worship is anchored by the belief that "God is still speaking." 

Today the Disciples of Christ and our sister denomination the United Church of Christ remain passionate about justice oriented mission that brings people together in communion, in mission, and in service.  As such we celebrate an open table where all are welcome.  Whatever our backgrounds or beliefs we can come around a common table and celebrate the boundless love of God for all people.


We are still finding the right words to share all about ourselves in this format.  Because of our recent affiliation with the UCC, we are still in the process of determining how we "church." Please consider giving us your feedback on what you would like to know.  If you would like to window shop in the mean time, you can find some pictures of life together under the Ministries page.  Thank you for visiting!

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